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Blephex – Prevention of Dry Eye Disease?

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Blepharitis is an infection on the base of the eyelashes caused by a buildup of microbes. This increases with age since you make less natural antibodies in your tears as you get older.
This buildup produces a film that traps debris and admits bacteria along the edge of the eyelid entering the tissue causing infection. This, in turn, reduces tear production leading to Chronic Dry eye.
Since the eyelids are difficult to clean at home, you can get your eyelids and lashes cleaned safely by your optometrist with BlephEx. This will quickly relieve your dry eye symptoms, and if caught early enough, averting Chronic Dry Eye Disease.
Blephex is a painless, carefully controlled procedure lasting 6-8 minutes, performed in an office visit by your optometrist, cleaning and exfoliating the edge of your eyelids and lashes.
Performed every 4-6 months this helps you avoid the damage to your tear glands, preventing Chronic Dry Eye Syndrome.