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Vision Therapy For Young Adults in Long Grove

Pretty Young Teen Girl  in front of graffitiBeing a young adult is about a lot of firsts. Finishing high school, starting college, first job, first apartment, and a whole lot of new experiences are exciting. That’s why starting out on the right foot is so important. At this age, your vision is pretty stable, but over time, you may notice signs that something is off.

Maybe staying focused while studying for midterms has become difficult, maybe understanding what you’re reading isn’t as easy as it used to be. Vision therapy can help. The team at Forsight Vision provides vision therapy to young adults from all over the Long Grove area.

Vision Therapy For Teenagers

Oh, high school. The seemingly endless days, the long hallways, the cheerleaders, nerds, and football stars, parties and proms, and all the drama those 4 years brings. Life gets so busy between school, friends, and social activities, that it’s easy to push some minor concerns to the side.

Has your son mentioned getting headaches during or after reading books? Does your daughter wince or tightly close her eyes near strong lights? If your teen complains that things look blurry, don’t ignore these behaviors – they could be signs of a vision problem. In these cases, vision therapy can help.

A combination of vision exercises and special glasses or prisms can boost your teen’s visual skills and strengthen their eye muscles. Our goal is to improve their visual functions so they can excel in school and in life.

Vision Therapy For College Students

Students Outdoors, using Laptops

During your college years, your vision needs are usually different from when you were younger. Writing papers, all-night study groups, and loads of computer research all require significant visual skills. You need a lot of focus, concentration, and excellent reading comprehension throughout a university program.

So if you can’t focus while researching for an all-night term paper, or if you feel like things often seem blurry, talk to Dr. Todd Cohan. It’s far too common to blame symptoms of vision difficulties on things like stress, exhaustion, too much caffeine, not enough exercise, or poor nutrition. While these are legitimate concerns, they aren’t always the real culprit.

Vision Therapy For College Grads

Welcome to adulthood. You’re striking out on your own, maybe getting your first apartment, meeting new people, starting an internship or your first office job. These are exciting times! Your visual skills are even more important now.

Are you easily distracted? Do you find yourself getting frustrated or losing concentration a lot? Don’t be quick to assume it’s an attention problem. These kinds of behaviors can actually be related to your vision. When your eyes don’t work together properly (known as eye teaming), or they can’t focus on one image at the same time (convergence insufficiency), then it may not be a short attention span – it could be your vision.

That’s where we come in. The knowledgeable and caring staff at Forsight Vision works closely with young adults to strengthen hand-eye coordination, improve your focus, eliminate double or blurry vision, and more.

Dr. Todd Cohan will create a personalized vision therapy program with YOU in mind. The eye doctor will talk to you about what you’re struggling with and what you want to accomplish. Let us help you get there.

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