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Eye Emergencies in Long Grove

Eye trauma, chemical exposure to the eyes, eye infections and foreign objects in the eye are all considered eye emergencies that should not be ignored. Should you experience any of these, our optometrists are available 24/7 to provide advice and help with immediate or urgent care.

Call 847-262-3703 for further instructions. We are available for emergency visits after hours by calling the number provided if your reach our after hours voicemail.

Call 911 or visit your nearest emergency room in severe cases of trauma.

When is it an emergency?

The sudden onset of symptoms affecting your vision or an obvious eye trauma, are considered eye emergencies. Symptoms of an optical emergency can range from painful vision or vision loss, to being hit in the eye or exposure of the eyes to chemicals. We are available to assist you with symptoms like:

  • Eye pain
  • Bleeding of the eye
  • Blood in the white of the eye
  • Swelling or bulging of one or both eyes
  • Vision loss or double vision
  • New eye flashes or floaters
  • Pupils that are not the same size
  • Light sensitivity
  • Being hit in the eye
  • Bruising around the eye
  • Discharge from the eye
  • Suspected eye infection
  • Severe burning, stinging, itching eyes
  • Scratched or cut eyes
  • Lost or broken contact lenses or eyeglasses
  • Foreign objects in the eye
  • New or severe headaches

To avoid any risk of vision loss, call us at 847-955-9393 as soon as you notice any of these symptoms. Depending upon your situation, we will provide the best medical advice possible and advise you about urgent treatment or appointment scheduling. Our optometrists are available after regular office hours for situations where urgent attention is needed.

First Aid for Eye Emergencies

Following basic first aid guidelines during certain eye emergencies is critical for saving time that may prevent vision loss.

Examples: gasoline, household cleaners, fertilizer, perfume

  • Immediately flush the eye with water for at least 15 minutes. Hold the eye under a faucet, shower or by pouring water into the eye from a clean container. Keep the eye open as wide as possible.
  • DO NOT try to remove contact lenses prior to flushing. Note that they may come out during the flushing process.
  • DO NOT bandage the eye.
  • After flushing, seek medical care promptly.

Examples: sand, dust or eyelashes in the eye

  • DO NOT rub.
  • Wash your hands before touching your eye.
  • Blinking and natural tearing may wash these items out. Rinse the eye with water or saline if needed.
  • Lift your upper eyelid out and away from your eye. Look down over the lower lid to help remove the item.
  • DO NOT use tweezers or other items to attempt removal.
  • If the item won’t come out or irritation continues, see your eye doctor immediately.

Examples: glass, metal, grass clippings, gravel

  • DO NOT touch.
  • DO NOT attempt to remove.
  • DO NOT apply any pressure.
  • If possible, lightly cover both eyes to prevent eye movement and reduce further damage.
  • Seek emergency medical care immediately.

Examples: elbowed or kicked in the eye, struck with a racquet or bat, hit by a flying object

  • Apply a cold compress while avoiding pressure on the eye.
  • Seek emergency medical care if you experience pain, blurry vision, blood in the eye, bulging of the eye or a black eye.
  • DO NOT touch.
  • DO NOT attempt to remove any object in the eye.
  • Seek emergency medical care immediately.

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Our Long Grove Office

Our eye doctors are highly trained in treating a wide range of eye emergencies. While a visit to the emergency room might seem like your first choice, research shows that most emergency room visits for eye emergencies could have been handled by an experienced optometrist.

Our eye care specialists have access to the latest technology to provide thorough optical examination to assess injuries, eye infections and other eye emergencies. We are fully equipped to provide specialized eye treatments and to prescribe medications for any urgent care needs. Whether you are visiting Long Grove or live in the area, we are here to provide you with the highest level of medical eye care available. We are located in the Grove Medical Center in Long Grove at the southwest corner of IL Route 83 and Robert Parker Coffin Rd.