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Mary’s Swollen Eye

At Foresight Vision, we’re proud to offer emergency eye care to all our patients, young or old, in and surrounding communities. Our eye doctor, Dr. Todd Cohen, often takes care of these emergency eye appointments himself. See what he has to say about an adorable three-year-old patient, who was able to avoid the emergency room thanks to the timely eye care Dr. Cohen provided – despite it being a day off:

“This lovely little girl, we’ll call her Mary, wasn’t previously a patient of ours but was brought in by her mother, who had been referred to us by a friend. Mary had a very big swollen eye, and her mother had been turned away by their normal optometrist, who doesn’t treat children as young as Mary. Her pediatrician was unable to see her and advised Mary’s mother to bring her to the emergency room. So her friend reached out to me and of course, I saw the patient right away on our day off, the Friday of Labor Day weekend.

When Mary came into our optometry office, her left eye was completely swollen shut. After speaking to her mother and running some tests, we determined that a mosquito bite from a few days earlier had caused a localized infection in the front of the eye called preseptal cellulitis. Without treatment, this condition can become very severe, and in extreme cases can require hospitalization and IV antibiotics.

So we took care of Mary right away and prescribed her the appropriate antibiotics in consultation with a pharmacist.

I checked in every day via text with the mother, and Mary was doing great. These types of issues, if not addressed, can become very serious. So our story ends with a smile, but is a great way for us to illustrate to our patients why it’s important to have an eye doctor you can trust be there for you when you need them in case of an emergency.”

For more information about how Dr. Cohen and our eye care team can help you maintain clear vision and healthy eyes even in an emergency, contact our eye care clinic today!